Articles submitted to İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi go through the following processes:

● The chief editor evaluates the originality of an article, the harmony of its content to the scope of İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi and the suitability of its style and structure.

● Secondly, the article is pre-screened by one or two members of the Editorial Board. The pre-examination does not involve referee review but rather is intended to decide whether the article is suitable to move forward for review. If the article does not pass through the pre-examination process, the article is returned to the owner.

● Following the pre-examination, the articles are sent to two referees who are distinguished on the subject. The identities of the author and the referees are never disclosed. In case the two referees disagree regarding publication, the article is sent to a third referee.

● The referee reviews are shared with the author. When the author resubmits a revised draft based on these reviews, the Editorial Board examines this new draft along with referee reviews and, if it exists, the author’s responses to the referee comments. The Editorial Board decides whether to publish, request further revisions or return an article to the author. In addition, the Editorial Board decides the journal issue in which the article will be published.

● Once an article is approved, the author must sign the Statement of Transferring Financial Rights.

● The article is corrected and proofread by the Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM)’s orthography and bibliography services and then it passes through two more editorial readings.

● Following the final approval of the author, the article takes its final form and is published in the specified issue.

Research notes are not forwarded to the referees, but they are examined by one of the Editorial Board members after the chief editor’s pre-examination. Once approved, the ensuing process for research notes is the same as for articles.

Review articles and book reviews are examined by the journal’s book review editor. After corrections and revisions, the Editorial Board decides whether to publish the review; the process then follows the aforementioned processes for publication.