Copyrights of the articles in İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi are laid out in the Statement of Transferring Financial Rights that authors sign after the Editorial Board’s approval of publication. According to this;

The author transfers and grants to the Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM) all rights related to the work, such as processing, circulating, reproducing, renting or lending publicly, representing directly or indirectly, transmitting to the general public, publication and republication/transmitting, merchandising and formatting rights. In addition, the author pledges that the submitted work is original, and that third party persons do not have any rights to it; all compensative or legal responsibilities legally belong to her or him if a third party happens to claim rights to the work wholly or partially.

The author accepts and pledges that she or he will not share her or his work through any websites, whether personal or institutional, sharing platforms or any social media or messaging programs within twenty four (24) months following its publication in İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi; the author may share the first two (2) pages of its published PDF version in the aforementioned digital and social media platforms following its publication by the Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM). The author shall have the right to republish all or part of the work in a printed book she or he may publish later or in a compilation work for which she or he will be the chief editor without the twenty-four (24) month time limitation, however she or he shall inform İSAM in advance. The author shall be required to request the permission of İSAM to republish the work in a work belonging to third parties or for which a third party will be the chief editor.

Intellectual property rights belong to the author. In addition, the author has the right to access the registered version through the İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi website, to obtain a connecting link to free access provided by the Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM), to use the work for educating and training purposes, to archive, and also to demand an original copy of the journal in which the work is published.

The Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM) does not pay any copyright fee to an author for her or his work published in the journal. But if the work is intended for reproduction in an edited volume or another work initiated by the Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM), the copyrights for that work will be renegotiated between the Centre for Islamic Studies (İSAM) and the author.