Issue 49 is Out!

İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi [Turkish Journal of Islamic Studies], which the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM) began publishing in 1997 and has been published twice annually since 2001, is a refereed and academic journal. The journal publishes original research articles that contribute toward Islamic thought and culture principally within the fields of Islamic studies, Islamic history, the humanities and social sciences pertaining to Muslim societies; the journal also publishes research notes, review articles and book reviews as well as symposium reviews and obituaries.

In accordance with ISAM’s institutional objectives, İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi aims to encourage scholarly publication within the aforementioned fields and to serve as a qualitative publication platform for researchers.

Seeking to maintain high academic and ethical standards, the journal publishes original articles that have not previously been published elsewhere. Submitted manuscripts are scanned through a special plagiarism program and examined in terms of compliance with ethical rules. The Editorial Board ultimately decides whether to publish articles after they have been blindly reviewed by at least two referees.

The Journal publishes articles in Turkish, Arabic and English. Each article is followed by an English summary of 750-900 words.